Design Your Destiny Manifesto

Foundational Principles

I believe in spirit. I believe in a power greater than you and me. The evidence of spirit is everywhere. Look at nature. Look at healing. Look at the miracle of your being alive. You are an extension of spirit, with a unique purpose and power all your own. I celebrate your spirit as you design your destiny.

  Action steps: 1) We identify core strengths so they are in the forefront of your awareness. That feeling that something is missing disappears. You harness the fullness of your innate talents and ability. 2.) We focus in on specific strengths for you to employ more actively toward your aspirations and desires. Nagging self doubt is replaced by a steady resolve. You posess easy confidence in maximizing what comes naturally to you.

Eileen's Story:
Eileen came to coaching to maximize her efficiency as a busy mom of three active teenagers and the leader of a multi-million dollar business in direct sales. She was also developing others on her team to grow as leaders and business owners along side of her. She wanted to ensure she was at her best therein. As we worked together, Eileen not only identified her core strengths, she expanded them in service of her team and her family. Today she employs her communication strengths to the fullest through her writing and photography. She realizes that as she works and plays in alignment with her purpose and power, she serves as a source of inspiration to others. Eileen embodies spirit. As she inspires others, so she is inspired.

I believe in abundance. You are the embodiment of innate inner knowing. No need for striving and searching. You are enough, already, in this very moment. I celebrate your abundance as you design your destiny.
  Action steps: 1) We identify your core values, what gives meaning to your life and your work. Striving and searching, that sense of being lost in the wilderness is replaced by clarity of purpose. 2) We focus in on how your value nourishes and sustains you. No more wasting energy on what you are not. You realize that now, today, this moment, you are enough.

Kim's Story:
Kim came to coaching to help sift through some major decisions in her life. Her successful business had become all consuming and she felt life seemed to be passing her by. As we worked to define Kim's highest values, her clarity about her priorities became like a beacon. Her choices about what most fulfilled her and her passions were put into focus. She acted accordingly. In the process of coaching, Kim's zest for life was restored and nothing is holding her back. Kim embodies abundance. She uses her gifts and talents in ways that have meaning for her and continually inspires others along the way.

I believe in courage. As you tune out the noise and outside distractions, to tune into your wise self and live your authentic truth takes courage. I hold space for your courage to emerge and flourish. I celebrate your courage as you design your destiny.
  Action steps: 1) We explore the edge of your comfort zone and expand your perspective into more exhilarating possibilities and choices. No more trudging along in an inauthentic, depleting existence. Your courage becomes a beacon and you act on it. 2) We dare to ask what you truly want. No more being harried and hurried in busyness and unending to do's. You give your attention to your true calling. You live in full color.

Heather's Story:
Heather came to coaching to make some major decisions in order to regain balance in her professional and personal life. As the founder and president of a professional association with over 2000 members, her role in her profession is significant. When she was at work, she was frequently thinking about home—her family and all the things she was neglecting. At home, Heather was often mired in what else remained to get done at the office. As we worked together, Heather identified clearer boundaries and action steps to take to ensure peace of mind while at work or at home. Heather embodies courage. She was willing to look at habits which were depleting her. She dared to define what she truly wants. She moved beyond challenges and took a stand for her quality of life, both professionally and personally.

I believe in well being. Your energy is your most precious resource. As you allow yourself to simply be and to renew, your well being informs the essence of your doing. The positive return on your energetic investment in wellness is undeniable. I celebrate your well being as you design your destiny.
Action steps: 1) We discuss and design self care as a sustaining practice rather than an after- thought when your reserves are depleted. 2) We incorporate retreat and down time as natural energetic allies.

Alexis' Story:
Alexis came to coaching with a full plate. She's a health conscious mom with two adorable children under five, has a career as a health care consultant and thrives as a part time yoga instructor. There were some important shifts happening in her life and she chose to navigate the changes with additional support. As we worked together, Alexis identified highest values and ongoing practices that nourished and fortified her. Through the Seasons of Change® tools and assessments, she also became aware of beliefs that she had outgrown and could let go of for gracefully making shifts in her professional and personal life. Alexis embodies well being. She wisely incorporated additional self care to ensure her reserves are high for the demanding, robust life she leads.