Expression of the Divine Feminine

Feb 03, 2016

As I write this post, here in the Upper Midwest part of the United States, in the state of Minnesota, specifically where I reside and work, we are experiencing a blizzard. This is a fairly typical event for the month of February and late Winter where heavier snows can be anticipated. In my case, they are looked forward to. There is a certain beauty to all of the “activity” of our lives coming to a halt. Ahhhhh.


Under the surface though, there’s more to the story. For example, if we look beyond today’s snowstorm, what do you suppose is happening to the plants? Beneath the frozen ground, seed sprouts are tuning into the lengthening hours of daylight. Roots are beginning to activate, readying to send energy for budding to emerge in the weeks to come. Energetic shifts are happening although it may appear differently when all we can see is thick blankets of snow. Late winter can test even the heartiest of observers.

However, a gift of late winter is to be able to declutter and make room for the adventures ahead. Late winter is truly the perfect time to prepare for and plan for the growth you anticipate in the coming seasons of Spring and Summer. Here are some ideas for planning that draw on the deep wisdom of the divine feminine:

1) Attune to your feelings. Notice how you feel as you plan. What is a goal and outcome that is energy-giving, life-giving? On the other hand, notice what is energy-sucking? As I considered some of my great aspirations in 2016 and began planning for them, I realized what to leave OUT of the plan by the quality of energy. Pay attention to what is life-giving for you and build on that.

2) Pay attention to your ideas. Are you “thinking hard” and making yourself plan? I had a dear friend remark to me once how “hard” I seemed to make everything. Painful feedback at the time, but it sure keeps me alert to when I’m going down that path. How would it feel to simply “relax” into your plan? Start by asking the question: “What would be fulfilling? What else? What would thrill me to accomplish”? Start there. Notice that I didn’t encourage you to ask “HOW”. It’s more important to stay with the relaxed, expansive feeling state first. The “how” of it will begin to reveal itself as your clarity about what you want to accomplish is solidified in your mind’s eye.

In late winter, our task is to do the planning. For me, this visioning, planning and tending to our inner landscape is a form of divine feminine energy. There’s also a certain vulnerability in sharing the vision, the expression of that creative energy. Rest assured, this divine feminine energy will be complimented by the “action”, the how and implementation of divine masculine energy. But for now, allow yourself to relax into the sacred, generous energy of the great mystery, the divine feminine expressed through you. Late winter is the season, the opportune time to nurture your aspirations, your inspired ideas and wild imaginings.