Passion is a Powerful Thing

Aug 03, 2015

Passion is a powerful thing.  

Recently I met a man named Donny.  I’d never met him before but I had been introduced to him through his photography. I had seen some of his shots as a photographer and he is a mighty talented man. So much so that he’s been published in National Geographic magazine.  05_LOON.jpg

Donny is somewhat quiet and clearly more on the introverted side than extroverted. Interesting to learn that his full time occupation is actually as an architect, not a photographer.  I wondered about his work, having seen the quality of the pictures he takes. So, I asked “What’s your favorite part of your work?”   

The man of few words lit up. He’s actually Spanish, living in Switzerland with his new bride and designs energy efficient homes and offices in Europe. Energy efficiency took on a whole new dimension as I listened to his quest to maximize wind, sun, air currents, etc. in his designs.  Stuff I didn’t even know existed or could be done

Next time you meet someone, ask them, “What are you passionate about?” or “What part of your work do you love the most?”

Then get ready.  Bright eyes and engaging conversation ahead.  Then ask yourself the same questions. May the answers be like a gorgeous photo that captivates you and sparks the imagination.