Aug 21, 2015

When was the last time you played? R-E-A-L-L-Y played.  DSCN1150.JPG

Last week was my birthday. As I age, I think it’s wise to have a birthday week celebration instead of just one day.  It works for me to consider: What would be fun? What would I enjoy? Who would I love to spend time with? When your birthday next rolls around, you may consider these questions, too. Better yet, don’t wait for your birthday! My answer was to invite just a handful of friends to our family cabin just to play and hang out together on either side of my birthday. Do you remember how fun it was to play as a kid? It’s still fun as an adult!  

It was magical.  In that space of play, there was reconnection with beloved friends, some whom I hadn’t seen in years. The weather was especially hot and humid, so the lake was a lovely respite, a sanctuary for soaking, swimming, floating and simply being.  Ahhhh.  As fate would have it, the night sky was graced by meteor showers and plentiful stars, as if to say “Bravo! You made room to play and here’s your reward!”  

I think the greatest reward though was to read my friend Marcy’s words in her weekly newsletter about her play-cation:

I skipped out of work last Thursday afternoon and Friday to spend time at my friend’s cabin. Although a short visit, it was deeply nourishing. What a gift to slow down and listen to the loons, notice the osprey and pileated woodpeckers who passed through and watch the many hummingbirds chase each other around. I was close enough to hear their wings buzzing like tiny didgeridoos.

We also kayaked around the lake, drank wine, ate chocolate and enjoyed some good belly laughs. Being in nature always brings me to that slow, quiet state where all the internal chatter subsides and gratitude fills the space.

Remember to play. It is a portal to gratitude.  If it’s been awhile, here’s a wonderful reminder.