Pretty or Not

Aug 06, 2015

Pretty or not

Sometimes answers aren’t so pretty. Sometimes answers are far easier than we first imagine.  Sometimes answers are something we’d rather avoid. Sometimes we have to ask the question anyway.   

What are you passionate about?   

One of my passions is spiritual connection. Connection to something greater than me. Trust in the divine. Evidence of spirit, God, angels, miracles. Spiritual connection. Yes, that’s the answer. This is where it gets trickier. For some, just the answer is enough. No need to take it any further. Not so for me. When I answered the first question, it lead to another.

How are you aligned with that passion?
Ewww. This is where my answers weren’t so pretty. Aligned? It was far easier to see where I was not aligned. The answer made my gut churn. Sometimes I think in pictures so here goes. Imagine a circle. Now imagine a circle with a gap in it. I could clearly see the gap and once I saw it, there was no un-seeing it.  No pretending it wasn’t there. Here’s what I know about alignment. It matters. When we are not aligned with our passion, it takes a toll. Like when a vehicle’s tires are out of alignment. There will be unavoidable consequences.

How do you know when you’re aligned with your passion? What are some indicators that you’re in alignment?  .

I realize how easy it is to look at what isn’t working. In fact, I did the same and my inner critic was jumping up and down, shame, shame, shaming me for my spiritual shortcomings. However, I remind you to take heart if you notice that you’re not aligned. Be gentle on yourself, especially if your inner judge is a major tyrant like mine. We have enough harshness in the world already. Acknowledge that you actually have the courage to ask, to look and to answer.  

Now, what can you learn from your insights?

Breathe, relax and consider the adjustments needed to close the gap, to make that circle whole again. Practices. Inspired actions. Consistency in thought or execution. Reverence as you approach the possibilities before you.  What’s the next step in the direction of your passion?

"When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty in things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us. The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace.” -John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace