Sep 10, 2015


This theme of release and letting go is up for folks. No wonder. It’s time. The season of late summer heading into autumn is a wonderful reminder about letting go. In our garden, the succulent, ripe melons have fallen away from their vines, signaling completion of the growth cycle.  Here in the northern U.S., the deciduous and coniferous trees are beginning to release their leaves and their fruits.  Birds are letting go of the comfort of their birthing and breeding habitat. Migration is underway.Canada-Geese.jpg

One of my first sheroes in the coaching world, Cheryl Richardson shared this timely quote this morning, “If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.”  

In the spirit of the season, what would serve you to let go of?  What have you been holding onto that may be holding you back?

I’ll share a little tip I use when I’m tempted to hang on to stuff or worn out stories or constricting beliefs. And no, I’m not perfect in the practice of letting go, but I am improving.  I do better when I remember that letting go makes room for ease.

Release  =  Real Ease.    

Let nature be your teacher. Notice the many gifts in letting go, as we transition out of summer and ease into the season of autumn.