Shift Happens

Jul 17, 2015

Last week was a challenge. I felt unusually edgy and agitated. Something was gnawing at me. Like a balloon with a slow leak, by the end of the work week, I was depleted.

One of my first coaching mentors, Julio Olalla made the distinction between a mood and an emotion. An emotion is a disposition that is event triggered. A mood is a recurrent disposition.

Early in the week, I had received some distressing news about someone I love dearly. Emotionally, I was sad. Then I was mad. Then I was hooked. One event, the bad news, brought an emotion (sadness) followed by the prevailing disposition of agitation, not my usual optimistic self.

Calgon take me away?! Sort of.

IMG_3531 (Small).JPGOne of the best places to shift my mood is the lake. So, away I went. The soothing waters, the scenic vista, the fresh summer breeze coming off the lake was just what I needed. Another gem which I had learned from my mentor, Julio was the power of being our own observer. As a coach, I'll often invite my clients to simply observe, take a birds-eye view on themselves, their mindset, etc. This is how shifts happen.

As an observer, I could take an objective look at the mood that had gripped me most of the week. What I could see was that below the surface, the mood was actually resistance. Like a pin that pricked at me all week long, resistance. I did not like what was happening for this person I love. Duh. 

What a relief. I knew about the importance of being mindful of one's mood. I knew there is power in being an observer. Sometimes we have to re-learn what we know. Now I remember.

And the value of escaping to the lake? More on that next time.