Turning Over a New Leaf

Sep 03, 2015

September has arrived. Happy New Year! Did you know that in many cultures, September is viewed as the beginning of a new year? This makes perfect sense to me. Autumnal resolutions seem more colorful, more alive than in January. Author Sarah Ban Breathnach says it best in her timeless gem of a book, Simple Abundance. Here’s an excerpt from September 1:

“Change in the natural world is subtle but relentless; seasons seem to give way gently to one another, even if the monthly motion is so swift we don’t realize we’re moving. But when the leaves start turning colors, it’s time for turning over a personal new leaf so that our lives might be restored.”  autumn.jpg

Who else is excited to turn over a personal new leaf right now? Maybe this includes cleaning up some of the old, crunchy leaves so that there’s cleared space for new growth to come.  Ready to dig in? Consider the following:

What can I let go of in my daily life which no longer brings me joy nor satisfaction?

Where am I frittering away energy which I could be using more wisely and well?

What do I authentically want instead?  

What’s one step which will move me toward this?

May we open to the re-alignment of priorities and positive change that’s possible in this new year.