Feeling at wits end with the grit and grind of winter?
Wishing you could escape from it all, even for a little while?
Ready to Bust out of the Blahs?
Join us for a special gathering that was created with YOU in mind!!

Bust the Blahs and Re-Boot the Ahhhs Getaway

Sunday, March 13 at 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Mt. Olivet Retreat Center in Farmington, MN

This special day is all about an energetic reboot to revitalize and boost your personal energy. Time to unplug from all the gizmos and technology for a few hours, time to savor your life, time to simply be. Come. Join us for this glorious, timely reprieve from winter. Let’s Re-Boot the Ahhhs!!

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E15.jpgMeredith Fjelsted
Meredith was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle and health coaching methods. She is also an EFT Practitioner. Drawing on her vast knowledge, she helps women create a personalized “road-map to health” that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. More about Meredith at http://www.dream2bhealthy.com.



Sue Krebssue.jpg
Sue Krebs combines years of academic study, intuitive skills and personal passion to help you bridge the gap between life as a physical being and your true spiritual nature.  She delivers messages from your Soul in a loving, compassionate and non-judgmental style through her Akashic Record Readings.  When you’re ready to begin living in alignment with the highest version of yourself, Sue has the tools and the expertise to help you achieve that desire. More about Sue at SoulSpeaking.net.

IMG_2139 (002).JPG
Julie Kaveney
Julie Kaveney is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Reiki Level I practitioner. Her passion for the spiritual world of angels, their place in our lives and understanding them better has led her to in-person training with Doreen Virtue and extensive personal research.  She has a natural ability to help others connect with their own angels and teach them how angels can help them in their everyday life.

Margaret Knoblauch
Margaret Knoblauch is a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified AromaTouch Practitioner. She believes strongly in the Body-Mind-Spirit connection for total wellbeing. With over 30 years of experience, she recognizes massage and essential oils as a sound foundation for creating optimum health!



Michelle Burns
Michelle is a Master Certified Retreat Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She’s passionate about sassy, savvy women leading vital, empowered lives by remembering that they are divine. She encourages them to wisely support their sacred life force by including nurturing connection, celebration and renewal. More about Michelle at www.designyourdestiny.com




Sound good? Want a few more details?
We’ll begin with an opening circle at 8:30 a.m. The glorious, relaxing day will unfold with a morning series of topics geared to refuel you from the inside out. The amazing grounds of the Mount Olivet Retreat Center are perfect for "just you time", too. Is your body longing for a calming walk outdoors? Come immerse yourself in this relaxing getaway in a glorious setting surrounded by nature. This day to savor includes something for everyone--learning, great company of inspiring guests, space for reflection and down time and so much more. It’s time for an energetic boost out of the doldrums of winter. The spacious afternoon includes a delicious lunch followed by more in-depth sessions will allow you to further experience the Ahhhhhh of your day. An optional 10 minute session of either a mini-massage or a mini-angel reading are also included in the afternoon.

Space is limited. Register today!

Morning Sessions:

“Soul Speaking - Giving Voice to the Spirit Within” Sue Krebs will explain how journeying inward is the most significant journey we will ever take and how our soul guides us every step of the way.  She will introduce you to the Akashic Records and the treasures that they hold.

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): What is it? How does it work? What can it do for me?” Meredith Fjelsted, Healthy Lifestyle & Craving Elimination Specialist, will teach you about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and show you how this powerful technique for releasing trapped emotions is a quick and simple method used to help you releasing the "hold" emotions have on you.

“Back to Balance: Essential Oils and Well-Being” Certified Massage Therapist, Margaret Knoblauch will be sharing the amazing gift of essential oils and their healing capacities to bring us back to balance and well-being. From Blah’s to Aaah’s in seconds.....the nose knows!!!

“Ahhh with the Angels” Julie Kaveney, Certified Angel Card Reader will discuss how to work with the Angels, ask for their divine assistance and guidance. She’ll share how to use your senses to feel, see, and hear angel guidance to better connect you with your own angels.

“Earth Medicine To The Rescue” Retreat Coach and Holistic Energy Medicine Practitioner Michelle will guide you in some timeless ways to naturally support and restore your energy with the help and universal wisdom of nature.

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Afternoon Sessions:

Sue Krebs leads “Accessing Your Soul’s Wisdom through the Akashic Records.” The vibrational record of your soul’s journey holds wisdom, guidance and support that is available to you right now.  Learn how it can ease your daily life and support your life’s journey today.

Meredith Fjelsted leads “From Stuck to Unstoppable. Using EFT to unleash your full potential.” Meredith Fjelsted will demonstrate how to dig deep within yourself and unleash the full potential that’s inside of you. She will take you from the feeling of being stuck in the winter blahs to a feeling of re-igniting the fire within and the realization that your dreams are possible and you are unstoppable!

Michelle Burns leads “Coming Back to Sacred Center” Michelle will lead you through a ritual and a relaxing journey using the universal wisdom of nature. She’ll gently immerse you in the restorative energy of the earth to reconnect you to your wise and sacred self.

Optional Afternoon Mini Session---You may attend either one or the other mini-session

Margaret Knoblauch offers 10 Minute Seated Chair BodyworkIMG_3232.JPG
Relax with essential oils and 10 minute seated chair bodywork.....feel the release of our everyday stress in minutes....it really is that simple...a little self-care does wonders!! Margaret Knoblauch is a Certified AromaTouch Practitioner and a Certified Massage Therapist.

Julie Kaveney offers 10 Minute Angel Card Reading
As a Certified Angel Card Reader, Julie will provide a 1:1 mini session with an angel reading for your divine assistance and guidance.

Space is limited. Register today!