Michelle's Manifesto

michelle_tall.jpgI believe in spirit. I believe in a power greater than you and me. The evidence of spirit is everywhere. Look at nature. Look at healing. Look at the miracle of your being alive. You are an extension of spirit, with a unique purpose and power all your own. I celebrate your spirit as you design your destiny.

I believe in abundance. You are the embodiment of innate inner knowing. No need for striving and searching. You are enough, already, in this very moment. I celebrate your abundance as you design your destiny.

I believe in courage. As you tune out the noise and outside distractions, to tune into your wise self and live your authentic truth takes courage. I hold space for your courage to emerge and flourish. I celebrate your courage as you design your destiny.

I believe in well being. Your energy is your most precious resource. As you allow yourself to simply be and to renew, your well being informs the essence of your doing. The positive return on your energetic investment in wellness is undeniable. I celebrate your well being as you design your destiny.