When was the last time you allowed yourself to honor your body, mind, and spirit by relaxing and renewing yourself in a beautiful natural setting? So many of us live in over-drive, over-scheduled and over-committed in service to others, that it's easy to forget what we need to be most alive as people and as leaders.


Are your physical, mental or emotional reserves running low?

Perhaps too much is on your plate and you're being pulled in too many directions?

If you've been:

  • Scattered and unfocused
  • Feeling like life is running you instead of you running your life
  • Frustrated or worried
  • Nearly toppled by out of control obligations and commitments

And you're ready to:

  • Hit the pause button from the constant doing, running and busyness
  • Find relief from overwhelm
  • Remove a sense of stuckness, unease and frustration
  • Restore peace of mind and sense of clarity
  • Regain focus and meaningful direction
  • Gain tools and insights to confidently move forward

You could continue the same course, varying degrees of distress for weeks, months, or years. Wearing a busyness badge. No time for yourself. Just keep powering through. And what happens? Your internal pilot light gets dimmer and dimmer.

Or you could come on a private Design Your Destiny Retreat with a heart-centered coach and energy medicine practitioner who's walked the same path and knows it can be different. Imagine yourself hitting the pause button. Imagine yourself in a gorgeous, natural setting. Imagine time devoted exclusively to you, to recalibrate, to listen, to be, to relax. Imagine yourself attuned again to what really matters. Imagine your internal pilot light shining brighter and brighter because you finally hit the pause button. Finally.

Your well doing begins with well-being...now is the time for a Design Your Destiny Retreat.

Design Your Destiny Retreat Packages

What else is important for you to know? When you choose a Design your Destiny Retreat with Michelle, you're working with a trusted, passionate professional who's created and lead custom retreats for nearly a decade and is a Master Certified Retreat Coach.